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Bob Spencer is a legendary Australian guitarist, mentor and teacher...

Bob Spencer grew up in Sydney's South-Eastern suburbs. In 1969 aged 12 years, Bob performed at an end of year school concert impressing his peers. In 1970 he attended Marist Brothers College, Pagewood and joined the band Finch in 1972: as a guitarist.

In 1974 the band won the Pepsi Battle of the Bands. Bob Spencer joined The Skyhooks 1977 replacing Red Symons on guitar. He played with Skyhooks for over three years. Following the demise of The Skyhooks in 1980, Bob worked as a session player and toured with different artists including: Anvil Chorus with Barry 'Buzzsaw' Adams, Grant 'Zac' Lawson, Stevie MacDonald, Trevor Dare, Bob Spencer: guest guitarist, Craig T Foster, John-Boy Whitbread and Steve 'Mac' McLennan. The Orphans with Les Gully, Pam Gully, Jeff Dunn, Greg Dawson and Gordon McLean, alon with Ray Arnott, Dennis Butler, Dave Carter, Ian Crawford, Tony Heads, Peter Wholohan, Terry Lantrey, Jan Manning, Gil Mouat, Michael Punch, Phil Screen, Michael Stove, Steve Werren, Julie Wilson, Steve Wilson, Kevin Wyatt and Rob Coxon with special guests including: John Paul Young, Warren Morgan, John 'Swanee' Swan, Dennis Wilson, Jamie Redfern, Mick Tucker, Brett Johnson, John, Bruce Derkenne and Trevor Parkinson.

In 1984 Bob Spencer joined the Australian band The Angels. During this period Bob was involved with the production of three studio albums, including: Beyond Salvation. Bob was one of the main song writers for The Angels. He left the band in 1992.

Bob spencer supported Newcastle based band Raiding Party in the early nineties. He performed with the band as a guest artist, helping create a vibe to a local scene and assisted in the bands success. Members of Raiding Party's original line-up included: James Davis: keyboard/piano, Brien McVernon: bass, Ian 'Candy' Sandercoe: vocal, Craig 'Rosie' Rosevear: drums and Paul Flaherty: Guitar. Later Newcastle musicians Mark Tinson: guitar replaced Paul Flaherty and Gary Wilson: drums, replaced Craig 'Rosie' Rosevear, later Gary Wilson was replaced by Steve 'Mac' McLennan.

Raiding Party's track Loveland written by Brien McVernon with credits to Raiding Party members, achieved local success after its release at The Cambridge Hotel Newcastle on the 23rd August 1989. The single charted locally moving from 38 to 8 within a week, followed by the National charts (top 100).

Bob has pursued his interests in other musical genres including: African and Jazz. All albums by The Skyhooks and The Angels where Bob Spencer was involved have been certified Platinum or Gold. Bob was given an Australian Music award called the ARIA Lifetime Achievement Award and inducted into the ARIA Hall Of Fame in 1998.

Bob Spencer was a guest guitarist in Newcastle band Extreme Blues with Ngariki, Kent Jackson and Danny Davidson with Guests: Glen 'Bang Bang' Hone, Bobby Sox, T.K., Steve 'Mac' McLennan, Steve 'Duke' Earl aka 'The Earl', Peter Houlihan, Chris Lowe, Craig Rosevear, Steve Fuller and George 'Chookie' Cotsioucos. He began working as an audio engineer and producer.

He is now a coach for The Weekend Warriors in Melbourne VIC Australia (a program designed to help 50+ get back into the music scene with an emphasis fun). Bob is a guitar tutor; he holds master classes and clinics and is a band coach. He is writing a guitar book and runs a recording studio and mastering suite where he records and produces artists. In 2007 Bob Spencer recorded his first original solo album, a groove based collection of music.

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